KILLEEN, Texas – Classes just ended, but the Killeen Independent School District is already looking ahead to next year.

The district has a wide variety of job openings, and very little time to get them all filled.

“There is a huge calling for anyone. Even if it’s just some part-time opportunities,” Killeen ISD Spokesperson Taina Maya said.

Maya says the school district is hiring – and not just for teachers, but instructional aides, bus drivers, and school nutrition workers.

“This is something that kind of just happens from year-to-year,” Maya said. “It’s very easy for people to relocate or even change jobs, get promoted within this time frame.”

Maya says the number of job openings is not unusual during this time – but what is unusual is the competitive compensation. Killeen teachers just received a pay raise of 3.5 percent in May.

“We were able to move with a 95 percent of the market value for each of those employed positions,” Maya said. “Which will greatly enhance our ability to compete with other districts and private entities.”

Maya says another thing setting the school district apart is the support the staff receive, and the hundreds of hours in professional development they get throughout the year.

“Our district is so uniquee are a fast growth school district, with an urban amount of resources but not located in an urban city,” Maya said.

She says although they have lots of job openings, the school district is already open for business. There is also a bonus stipend for those who decide to join the team.

“We’ve got either $500 for hourly employees or $1,000 stipend for any new employee that comes to work for Killeen ISD. That starts before the beginning of the school year,” Maya said.

To learn more about the job openings, you can visit the Killeen ISD website.