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Killeen ISD shares school storm procedures


Recent severe storms in Central Texas has some school districts on edge.

The power went out at four schools in Killeen as dangerous weather moved in on Wednesday. Killeen Independent School Distritct Spokesperson Terry Abbott says the lights came back on quickly.

The administration also told all the schools not to let students outside until the storm passed. 

Transportation can also be affected during storms, when bus drivers have to pull over because road conditions are dangerous.

The district warns parents not to try to pick up their students if there is bad weather. 

“Sometimes when storms like that happen, parents want to rush to the schools and pick up their kids. But that actually puts them in more danger. The kids need to be inside the safe school rather than out in the car going somewhere in a storm like that,” Abbott says.

If there is a tornado warning, the schools will go into what they call “tornado lockdown”, meaning they go into their safe places in the schools like interior hallways.

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