Killeen Mayor says the City Council tie is the first


KILLEEN, Texas – The City of Killeen is preparing for another election after a 181-vote tie between Michael Boyd and Steve Harris.

Killen Mayor Jose Segarra says he has been here for 30 years, and has not seen a tie before.

“Since I’ve been the mayor, this has never happened. As far as I know, this is the first time now,” Segarra said. “I have seen the election come down to one, that’s it, but there was no recount.”

On Thursday, a committee of six registered voters from District Four picked by the mayor helped in the recount process. He says the candidates were allowed to observe, and one did.

“What we basically do is run them through the machine, and the machine counts them again,” Segarra said.

Segarra says the committee took an extra step, going through each ballot to make sure votes were fair and in the right district. After the recount, Steve Harris and Michael Boyd still had 181 votes each.

“Then they present that to me as the mayor -{this is the official recount, and it’s still a tie} and then I just sign off on it,” Segarra said.

He says compared to most elections, these races always have a small turnout with less than 500 people.

“I think that the people that are voting now are informed, and they are voting because they either like this candidate or they don’t,” Segarra said.

Now the city is preparing for another District Four Election, which will take place in the next few weeks.

“The date is going to be anywhere between June 2nd and June 12th,” Segarra said. “So at Tuesday’s meeting, the Council will decide which day they want.”

From there, they will set early voting dates and the voting sites.

He says they have been in contact with the Texas Secretary of State’s Office to make sure they are following correct protocols. Now it’s up to the voters to make their selections.

“We want to try to make sure that it’s fair and transparent, and give everybody a chance,” Segarra said.

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