KILLEEN, Texas – For Michael, it all started with unbearable leg pains. His mother couldn’t see him go through this pain, and rushed him to the hospital.

“First thing they do is COVID tests. Everything’s negative, his blood pressure, everything was fine,” says Michael’s mother Chaundra Dixon.

But everything wasn’t fine. Chaundra was convinced something wasn’t right with her son. In front of the nurses, Michael blanked out – which then alarmed them to get other doctors involved. The doctors did in-depth testing, and this is when they knew something was wrong. The doctors gave Chaundra the news no parent ever wants to hear.

“Your son’s white blood cells was extremely high. His labs does not look good. We think that your son have leukemia,” says Dixon.

Feburary 25th is a day M.J.’s family will never forget – the day doctors officially diagnosed him with leukemia.

“At that moment, I broke down,” says Dixon.

M.J. has CLFR leukemia, which is a rare form of cancer. He’s been going through multiple rounds of chemo, but right now M.J. is needing to find a bone marrow donor to help him.

“We’ve been doing bone marrow drive after drive after drive, you know? Hoping that I can find a bone marrow,” says Dixon.

The challenge for M.J. is that 70 percent of the time, you don’t match with family members. Be the Match has been helping M.J. find a donor.

“With M.J., we’re trying to add more African-American, blacks, so we can increase the odds of, you know, black patients finding matches,” says Be the Match representative Clifford Ackerman.

M.J. has gone through many challenges this year.

“I feel a little more scared, and I don’t want any other kids to go through this,” says Michael “M.J.” Dixon.

As he fights his cancer battle, he still wants to help out other kids who are also fighting the same fight as him.

“And he was like, well, we got to see how many kids is on the same chemo that I’m on, because they need bags to,” says Dixon.

The Dixon family has gone through many hardships since M.J.’s diagnosis. The family set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the medical expenses.

With the giving heart that M.J. has, he asked his mother if there was a chance that some of the money that was collected could he get the other kids backpacks to put their chemo pumps in.

He was excited to be able to purchase 16 bags for 16 kids.

Chaundra has also created a Facebook page for M.J. for his supporters to follow and keep up with his journey.

If you would like to help M.J. you can register to Be the Match here or text “MJ” to 61474.