KILLEEN, Texas – FOX44 is getting a better look at what led to the deadly shooting of 52-year-old Patrick Warren, Sr.

“This is a situation that requires justice, and justice requires the understanding of the truth.”

Chief Charles Kimble released body cam video Tuesday – showing the altercation which ultimately cost Patrick Warren, Sr. his life.

This is in answer to the Ring video warren’s family released last week. The chief says that video doesn’t paint the full picture.

In the body cam footage, you can see Officer Contreras approach the home, ring the doorbell and knock on the door. When invited inside, you can see Patrick Warren, Sr. down the hall telling him to come in.

Contreras declines, and you can hear the officer ask for the channel to communicate with dispatchers as he walks back outside.

Inside the home, you hear Warren saying, “Take it by faith.”

Officer Contreras waits for back up for nearly two minutes – then you see Warren step outside with his hands exposed, walking toward Officer Contreras. Contreras hit Warren with the taser while continuing to give orders. Contreras back pedals into the neighbor’s yard while Warren moves towards him.

Warren and Contreras are within feet of each other – when the officer fires the three shots that ultimately kill Warren.

“I don’t see where he could’ve done anything else. I saw an officer try and handle a call, de-escalate a call. I saw him go through his progression of force, his presence,” said Chief Kimble.

“If you look where officer Contreras started, where he ended, he was literally at the front steps of the house and literally ended up in a neighbor’s yard,” he added.

Chief Kimble says an officer can be fully equipped with training and still, “Sometimes we are put in situation as the one that was presented today,” said the chief.