A local elementary school is in hot water after officials were accused of ‘lunch shaming’. 

A practice where students have their trays pulled from them during lunch or breakfast if they don’t have lunch money. 

Killeen I.S.D Administrators sent out an email to parents at Clear Creek Elementary on Fort Hood saying without money their kids might not get fed. 

They have since sent out an updated email saying that decision has changed. 

“Neither the district nor Clear Creek Elementary School have plans to implement a ‘lunch shaming’ policy. Furthermore, the previous correspondence pertaining to such a plan should be disregarded. Parents are being provided further clarification immediately,” said Killeen Superintendent John Craft. 

Before that parents were being told their child might go hungry. 

“Breakfast and lunch trays will be pulled from students who do not have breakfast and/or lunch money,” read the email, “Students without breakfast money will not eat. Students without lunch money will get a peanut butter sandwich and a cup of water or a cheese sandwich if the student is allergic to peanuts.Students are embarrassed when their trays are pulled. Please do not let this happen to your child.”

Three months ago, Gov. Gregg Abbott signed Senate Bill 1566.

Ensuring school districts give students a grace period for their accounts. 

Killeen I.S.D and other districts who charge for food will need to notify parents about the lack of money in their child’s account and give a grace period until money is put back into the account.