Lacy Lakeview recognize first responders for live-saving actions


LACY LAKEVIEW, Texas – The Lacy Lakeview Police Department recognized officers for their life-saving actions from a call on April 10th.

“I appreciate their efforts. What they did changed my life for good. I need to appreciate the law enforcement, the work they do, and what they go through,” says Anthony Casarez, the man who first responders saved.

On Monday evening, Lacy Lakeview PD recognized officer Nathan Necessary, Corporal Scott Dent, Dispatcher Sherry Harris, and TSTC police officer Joey Villareal for responding to a call of Anthony Casarez – who was found on his front porch steps not breathing.

“I never really gave much thought to policemen or authority, you know? I’ve been in trouble before, and I really didn’t care about it. But that night, now it changed my ways with life. Because they saved my life,” says Casarez.

When officers arrived on scene, they quickly started CPR. Casarez was unconscious for about five to seven minutes. This is when they were able to stabilize him and transport him to the hospital.

“They deserve recognition. Sometimes they do things that nobody knows what they did. They don’t get recognized for it. They need to get recognized more often,” says Casarez.

Casarez was able to meet Officer Necessary, Corporal Dent, Dispatcher Harris and Officer Villareal as they received life-saving action awards.

“It’s overwhelming seeing a man who was concerned for life, and be able to shake his hand here today is pretty powerful to me. Probably the biggest reward you can ever have as a human being,” says Corporal Scott Dent, one of the officers who helped Casarez.

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