January 01 2022 12:00 am

Larger forged checks bring arrest

WIMBERLY, COURTNEY_1495122760014.png

A man who started with small checks, then kept increasing the size apparently finally raised suspicion and ended up being arrested.

Thirty-eight year old WImberly Courtney was arrested on multiple forgery charges after that suspicion led to a manager at Circle Hardware in Waco making a call to a bank.

An arrest affidavit for WImberly indicates that a man had written one check for $90.64, then another for for $225.13.

A much larger check for over $1300 was written for several generators that had to be ordered. 

When the manager contacted the bank on which the checks were drawn, he discovered they were counterfeit checks.

When the man came back to pick up the generators police were called.

He left before police arrived, but video of the transactions led to the discovery of the identity of the suspect.

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