WACO, Texas — Many local law enforcement agencies are giving back again this holiday season, with Blue Santa and Blue Holiday drives.

“We’re very fortunate that we are able to help them out and make those kids Christmas just a little bit brighter,” Waco Police Officer Sophie Martinez said.

They are collecting toys and gifts to give to families that may need a helping hand during this time of year.

“We’ve been overjoyed with the amount of donations we’ve received,” Temple Police PIO Alejandra Arreguin said. “The first downtown Temple event that we had, Sammy G had a toy drive and we collected a lot of toys.”

“Because of that, we had a toy drive by Wal-Mart, so we received a lot of donations from the community and support,” she said. “And even this morning we had a couple more donations come in.”

The departments couldn’t be more thankful for the help they receive from other organizations.

“We’ve been very fortunate here at Waco PD because we always have like Toys for Tots. They give us any extra toys that they have left over,” Martinez said. “After they do, they complete their mission with Toys for Tots and they give us whatever they have over. So we’re able to to help out some families with those toys.”

Waco Police told FOX 44 that they don’t actually need any more donations due to the help from the community, but they do not have a set date yet as to when they will be passing out the presents.

Temple and Killeen police say that although this past year has been difficult, they are grateful for the support they have received.

“A lot of people have been asking for applications and assistance during this time of the year, and of course, our deadline was back in November,” Arreguin said. “But because of the amount of donations that we have received and the support from the community, we’ve been taking in a few more applicants here and there.”

Temple police will be accepting donations until this Friday, December 17, and the Killeen Police Department will accept donations until December 31.