An inmate at the Jack Harwell Detention Center has filed a lawsuit against the privately owned jail.

Estela Fajardo is raising allegations of physical and emotional abuse.

“When she is locked up on a charge that she is fighting even as we speak, now,” Dunnam and Dunnam attorney Gerald Villarrial said. “Then she deserves to be protected in the environment that she is in.”

Last week, Fajardo’s attorney filed a civil lawsuit against a guard and the jail operated by La Salle corrections. Fajardo has been in the jail for two years on charges of burglary and organized crime.

“This particular guard has been singling out estela coming on to her in a sexual manner and when Estela would not reciprocate, she started making it hard on Estela,” Villarrial said. 

Court documents say the guard made inappropriate sexual remarks to Fajardo and on more than one occas sion the guard is accused of offensively or proactively contacting her. Documents say she suffered embarrassment, humiliation and mental anguish.

Fajardo is seeking anywhere from $200,000 to $1 million in damages.

“There’s a difference between a textbook, pat down and someone grabbing your breasts, there is a big difference in that, ” Villarrial said. 

“We fully believe that this happened to her and she wouldn’t be putting herself as a victim to be ridiculed and doubted and shamed if it hadn’t really happened to her,” Waco Immigrants Alliance director Hope Mustakim said.

The Waco Immigrants Alliance has been pushing for something to be done. They started a petition back in June.

“We are just hitting roadblock after roadblock and so with this lawsuit, it seems like this is one of the only ways that Estela is going to see any type of justice for the suffering and the mental anguish that she endured,” Mustakim said.

“The fact that you are incarcerated does not mean that you’re fair game to do whatever they want to with you,” Villarrial said. 

The McLennan Sheriff’s Office says it has investigated previous abuse allegations raised by Fajardo and found no evidence of wrong doing.

FOX 44 has reached out to La Salle Corrections but still haven’t received a response.

Last month, the private jail failed their third inspection since 2015.