Light plane crash near Itasca

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“Very lucky….I didn’t ask for that one…Thank you God,” says Pilot Steve Thompson.

Thompson is an out of town pilot still visibly shaken after surviving what could have been his last moments.

“Any landing you walk away from is a good landing,” says Thompson.

This comes after his RV-7A kit plane crash landed just north of Itasca.

Thompson says: “So I was flying in from Colorado to here to visit my mom, to Houston actually, and was going to stop in Hillsboro. And for some reason, four hours and 20 minutes into my flight, the plane has a five hour range, both tanks ran dry.”

When he realized he couldn’t make it to the Hillsboro airport, he made a split-second decision.

“Spotted this area here and it looked pretty good. What I didn’t see was this low-lying telephone wire. All I know is a rapidly, and I was just hanging upside down thinking ‘Wow, I don’t feel hurt! I feel pretty darn good!,'” Thompson says.

He immediately called 911, and emergency crews got him out of the overturned plane. He was treated for minor injuries.

Jeff Porter, manager and former flight instructor at Texas Aero, tells Fox 44 news he’s surprised by what happened and what could have been a factor.

“The winds change done on because you have to plan for the wins at a certain altitude. Or maybe he had other issues I just don’t know but it’s just uncommon to just run out of fuel especially in a experimental airplane because, those guys are flying those usually know them very well, they usually build them.”

Still no matter what may have gone wrong, Mr. Thompson is grateful to be able to walk away.

“So this was a good landing… 
Reporter: “Is there anything else you would like to say to us right now?”
“I can’t,” says Thompson, “I’m good.”

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