Just weeks after the Las Vegas shooting, we learned a Waco attorney is helping one of the victims.

Michelle Simpson Tuegel is representing Paige Gasper, who is filing a lawsuit against MGM and the concert venue for security issues she says could affect us here at home.

“When you go to an event and you pay your $236 to go to a concert, whether it’s in Vegas or in Waco or in Austin, you really expect two things – you expect to hear good music and have a good time, and you expect that you’re going to leave safe,” Tuegel said.

Paige Gasper, the 21-year-old college student from California, is the first Route 91 shooting victim 
to file a lawsuit against Paddocks Estate, MGM Resorts, and Live Nation following the mass shooting.

She was shot in her right side. 

“She is someone who feels like she could’ve been #59,” Tuegel said.

Its become more personal for Tuegel, as their families have deep ties.

“Paige Gasper and her parents are all originally from the same small town in Texas where I grew up,” Tuegel said. “And so when this happened, I did talk to the family. And as more information was coming out, what could have prevented this tragedy?”

But this isn’t about guns, she says, but what could be done to prevent things like this from happening again, even in Central Texas – something she’s confident will help Paige win her case.

“And when you give your money there is a certain reasonable expectation of safety,” Tuegel said. “These companies – not just the hotels, but also the event promoter – will have protocols in place that if an emergency were to happen, they have the things in place that will protect us. That could’ve easily been someone in Waco who was visiting Vegas or could have been in Waco.”