A local business owner took matters into his own hands, chasing a thief with nearly $5,000 worth of jewelry. 

Police are looking for the man who robbed the Boozer’s Jewelry Store on Valley Mills Drive on Tuesday. 

Around 1:00 p.m., owner Brad Boozer was checking his e-mail when he heard his employee screaming. 

“She yells, ‘He took the rings!’ So I got out of my desk and chased him down,” Boozer said. 

The robber and the owner ran out the entrance of the store, heading down Lake Air Drive, running past businesses and into the Valley Terrace Apartments, where the robber got into a getaway car. 

“There was a black lady. She was the driver and they sped off down Valley Mills,” Boozer said. 

The owner describes the robber as a man with neck tattoos, in his 20s, seen wearing baggy pants. 

Boozer says the man walked in asking to see two men’s rings, and as soon as the saleswoman took them out, he grabbed them and started running. 

Boozer saying he didn’t think twice. He took off after him. 

“I figured I’m going to chase him down and I’m going to catch him,” Boozer said. 

The owner didn’t catch him, but the surveillance video did. The robber looked straight into one. 

“Fifteen years ago, I would’ve caught him,” Boozer said. 

Store employees say police gathered plenty of clear fingerprints left on the glass.