January 01 2022 12:00 am

Local businesses adapting to shortages


WACO, Texas – Businesses across the nation are experiencing shortages in products and workers – but local businesses in Waco are adapting.

Rossana Costa owns Hobby Town, and says it goes in phases. They have had shortages in a little bit of everything. She says they have had to start buying more quantity. For example – instead of buying for a month, they buy for 90 days.

“You got to protect yourself from being without product in the long run,” Costa said.

The owners of City Ranch Boot Company and Sironia agree.

“You really, really have to think ahead. Like, do I need three cases of this, or do I just need one?,” says Sironia co-owner Holly Harris.

City Ranch Boot Company owner Jay Kelly says he imports his exotic leather to make his boots – and he’s seen major delays in air-freighting.

“You can see we have a lot of inventory. And so, I make sure that I just order in advance,” Kelly said. “I mean, I don’t expect someone to deliver something to me in six to eight weeks.”

Sironia is a local business which sells retail and has a restaurant. They have seen shortages across the board in their business.

Another shortage issue for Sironia and the Gathering Board – finding their usual packaging and to-go boxes.

“We’re seeing that they’re harder and harder to get,” says Gathering Board owner Jessica Galow. “So things are starting to change – how we package things, what we package them in.”

The one thing Kelly has learned throughout this season of shortages is how to be patient with suppliers.

“They know it’s a bad thing,” Kelly said. “You just answer with with grace and kindness.”

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