Local clinic planning events for Autism Awareness Month


WACO, Texas – April is Autism Awareness Month – and according to the CDC, it is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the U.S.

BlueSprig Waco ABA Therapy Center is doing their part to highlight the importance of autism in the community. The center is committed to providing compassionate care for children ages two through 18, or until the medical necessity is no longer required.

BlueSprig Waco Operations Manger Sean Noranbrock says they are passionate about giving children the care they deserve.

“We are here to advocate for all children with autism,” Noranbrock said. “Whether they can afford the ABA Therapy, whether they have insurance, whether they don’t have insurance.”

The center assists one-on-one with behavioral challenges, social skills, and sensory issues – among other areas.

Registered Behavioral Therapist Maisha Singleton is happy to be a part of the mission.

“I love it,” Singleton said. “Just to see them grow. It’s amazing, and we also learn from them, as well.”

“Whatever the need is of the child, is where ABA Therapy comes in to assist them. To reach those milestones that they need,” Noranbrock said.

Noranbrock says people with autism are normal – they just do things differently.

“The child may not respond to their name by twelve months of age, may not point to shared interest, may have delayed speech and language skills,” Noranbrock said.

As a way to keep the awareness going, they have two events coming up to help raise funds towards their mission.

BlueSprig will host it’s first Golf Scramble. To register you can email snoranbrock@bluesprigpediatrics.com.

They are also partnering with the Heart of Texas Autism Network for the 2021 5K Run. You can register here.

BlueSprig’s mission is Changing the world for children with autism – not just this month, but all year round.

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