Local leaders on NRA Leadership Forum


This year’s NRA event in Dallas comes at a pivotal moment regarding the gun debate.

This comes after the surge of youth-led activism following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

But both sides do agree on one thing – gun control isn’t the answer.

“And god bless the NRA…,” said Texas Senator Ted Cruz, at the annual convention of The National Rifle Association, as tens of thousands of gun enthusiasts, sellers and more sat under one roof in Dallas on Friday.

“Your Second Amendment rights are under siege,” said President Donald Trump. 

All of this has local leaders talking.

“Guns are the cause of shootings. No..it’s the person behind the gun,” says McLennan County Republican Chairman Jon Ker.

Ker is a lifetime NRA member who says people really just need to listen.

“If you outlaw or restrict or limit guns, then it makes us safer. And that is absolutely false,” Ker said.

But gun violence is still an issue, according to Diana Earl with Mothers Demand Action in Waco. Her son was shot and killed at the hands of a gun. Since then, she has been fighting to stop gun violence as her and other local mothers head to Dallas to give the NRA their message.

“It seems like the message has changed over time. What I do want to see, that they talk more about safety measures, closing the loop hole at gun shows, and making sure violent criminals don’t have access to guns,” Earl says.

But both agree gun control isn’t the answer.

“We are not anti-gun. We are not gun grabbers. We are a part of a gun violence prevention movement. We support the Second Amendment,” Earl says.

“It’s not the gun. It’s the person behind the gun. And we certainly can regulate that,” said Ker. 

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