A Temple man is doing everything he can to save the life of his wife who desperately needs a liver transplant.

Elijah St. John has known his wife Mary her entire life, he describes her as not his better half, but his better whole and can’t bare to think of a life without his soul mate.

“She is my everything,” said St. John.

The thought of losing his 26 year old wife, had Elijah in tears Wednesday morning.

“My youngest daughter keeps asking ‘is mommy going to die in the hospital?’ she’s 3 years old, she doesn’t understand, my oldest is turning 7,” said St. John.

Mary has lived with stomach problems for about 8 years now, but it wasn’t until doctors prescribed medication after surgery, that things went from bad to worse.

“She got addicted to opioids being on so much pain medicine, morphine, oxycodon, just the whole shabang,” said St. John.

She’s been clean for about a year now after going to rehab, but the damage is already done.

“it just destroyed her liver,” added St. John.

Now, Mary desperately needs a liver transplant, but her current hospital can’t do it, and other hospitals won’t.

“They don’t have the facilities here to do a liver transplant,” said St. John. “Our problem right now is finding a hospital, we haven’t been able to find a hospital that will accept us, we didn’t have insurance, but now we will have insurance that will start, but we’ve offered the hospital cash pay and then they would tell us one thing, and then they would turn us down.”

Elijah says those Texas hospitals won’t take Mary in because while she doesn’t have health insurance, she’s a liability.

“They are not able to afford to have patients come in that they aren’t sure of, they’re not positive of and so if they don’t make it, if they die on the operating table, we’re going to get sued,” said St. John.

Her insurance kicks in December 1st, but doctors say that’s too late.

“Yesterday they were saying 30 days, she would have to live, today they are not giving us past two weeks,” said St. John.

All they can do now, is wait for a miracle.

“It’s just right now, it’s a waiting game. To see if we get somebody to help us, if we don’t then it’s a waiting game to watch her die,” said St. John.

Elijah hopes his story will inspire people to make a change in our healthcare system.

“I hope that they will contact their leaders who they’ve just elected, I hope that they will hold them accountable, we have not held our government accountable for any of this and it’s time that we hold accountable the hospitals, the insurance companies and our government,” said St. John.

You can learn more and donate toward Mary’s hospital expenses by clicking HERE.