Local mosque hosts memorial prayer for Christchurch victims


A local mosque held a memorial prayer in honor of the victims lost in the New Zealand Christchurch terrorist attack that happened last week. 

Dozens of people showed up together at the Islamic Center of Waco as they held a moment of silence. 

The Islamic Center of Waco wanted to have community members to stand together in solidarity in showing they are not afraid to continue to pratice their right to worship the way they desire.

“We are doing [this] to show unity in our faith, not just in Muslims, but in the Waco community. We have a lot of Christian pastors here, we have a lot of Baylor clergy, Baylor students. This is kind of a show of unity saying that we are not alone. This is just not us – it’s all of us in this together,” says Bill al-Siddiq, Islamic Center of Waco Outreach Representative.

The reason they did this on Friday is because this is the same time the shooting occured during traiditional Muslim Friday prayers. 

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