Local restaurant seeks donations to replace leaky roof


The heavy rain was being felt across Central Texas on Wednesday, especially at a local restaurant that has been serving the Waco Community for over 40 years.

Owners of the Kitok Restaurant say when it rains in Waco, it also rains inside their business. They say they desperately need to replace the roof of the building to prevent any more water damage inside.

“I felt like it just rained for three days like not too long ago and now it’s raining again and when it rains it leaks everywhere in here,” said Sandra Kampa, daughter of Kitok Restaurant owner.

The restaurant has been family-owned since 1975 and is known for their famous “lip locker” burger and oriental fries.

But, those leaks are becoming a bigger problem every day, affecting the ceilings, walls and floors of the restaurant.

“I personally think, I’m pretty sure my mom does too think it affects the business a whole lot because no body wants to eat and have water drop on their head at the same time you know what I mean, and it’s embarrassing and it’s just not cool,” said Kampa.

Kampa created the GoFundMe page in hopes of getting donations to replace the roof and eventually fix any other problems with the building.

“Everyone started talking about how ‘you guys can’t close down’ and ‘you’d be surprised how many people would donate’ and everything, even just $10 or $5 or something like that it would help and everything and so I was fighting with it for a little bit and then I was just like okay, you know what it started leaking really bad by the front door one day and I was like okay that’s it, we need to start a gofundme page,” said Kampa.

The family says they simple don’t have the funds to fix the building right now, but are hopeful their loyal customers will help out.

“So hopefully we can get enough money to fix the roof and walls and some floors that has been damaged for a long time,” said Kyong Dehnert, Owner of Kitok Restaurant.

Once the roof is replaced, Kampa says she has high hopes for the future.

“I hope to see a new building hopefully, you know, more room, it’s so crowded back there because it’s so small. I’d be a lot more workable I guess you could say if we had more room back there to cook and move around and more room for customers whenever they check out and stuff like that, so I’m hoping to see a better work environment really,” said Kampa.

Donations can be made in person at 1815 N. 18th Street or by clicking HERE.

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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