Today would have been late actress Betty White’s 100th birthday. Many people are remembering her by participating in the Betty White Challenge.

White was an animal advocate, so many non-profit organizations that work with animals across Central Texas are asking for the community to participate and make donations in her honor.

“We’re getting monetary donations here at the shelter in honor of Betty White. So it’s almost like Betty White is giving to animals across the country, even though she’s no longer here,” Mike Gray from the Humane Society of Central Texas said.

Gray says the animals at the shelter are benefiting because of White.

A great turnout, not only here, but everywhere across the country right now with this,” Gray said. “And hopefully, it will be the first annual Betty White challenge.

The Humane Society of Central Texas along with Fuzzy Friends Rescue and Tiny Hooves Rescue say they have seen an increase in donations because of the Betty White Challenge.

“Donations have steadily increased over the last two weeks, and today they’re definitely probably two or three times higher than any of the other days so far,” Cliff Kroll from Fuzzy Friends Rescue said.

Tiny Hooves Rescue partnered with Card My Yard for the day, and $20 will be donated to Tiny Hooves for every Card My Yard purchase throughout the day.

These shelters are reminding people there are more ways to give aside from monetary donations. Volunteers are always a need, and just sharing a Facebook post can go a long way.

“Who knows, maybe the post you share gets to the person who comes in and adopts a dog,” Gray said.

These rescues are thankful for Betty White – and more importantly the community stepping up to help animals in her honor.

“We got the whole Waco community up here helping us, and we couldn’t do what we do without the Waco community,” Gray said.

To donate to the Humane Society of Central Texas, click here.

To donate to Tiny Hooves Rescue, click here.

To donate to Fuzzy Friends Rescue, click here.