WACO, Texas – Many stores and businesses are expecting to see large numbers of customers this weekend as many search for that last perfect gift for Christmas.

“We try to keep up with the demand throughout the week. We’ve had a lot of people come in, a lot of people contact online,” says Amber Phelps, Owner of YOUtopia Essentials. “A lot of people contact our website and ask different questions about orders, and get online orders before the rush comes in.”

YOUtopia Essentials is just one of the many businesses expecting a large amount of customers this weekend looking for the last present to add under the tree.

Other businesses, like City Ranch Boot Company, have also seen a steady flow of customers throughout the holiday season and are seeing some of their products fly off the shelves.

“So I would say, even in the last couple of days, that people are really being drawn towards our men’s shaving bags that are exotic leather, or also handheld bags,” says Katelin Houck, the Marketing Manager for City Ranch Boot Company. “We’ve also had a lot of belt purchases, if they know the size of belt of their spouse or person they’re gifting for. And then we also have wallets.”

Both businesses told FOX 44 that many of the items they are selling as gifts are very personalized, handmade items the buyer put thought into.

“We’ve been repeatedly told that there’s nothing else like this in Waco, so it’s nice for people to come and find holistic natural health products, and different, just personalized gift items, for their loved ones,” Phelps said. “It’s not like going to another big box store and buying something, you know, the same thing over and over.”

Both stores are looking forward to seeing those last minute customers this weekend.