Local teacher honored during Teacher Appreciation Week


WACO, Texas – Bell’s Hill first grade teacher Lindsey Melancon was awarded the honor of being the Waco Independent School District’s 2020-2021 Elementary Teacher of the Year.

Melancon says Teacher Appreciation Week has been filled with many highlights.

“Tuesday, winning Teacher of the Year was definitely one of them,” Melancon said. “Just [the] leadership here doesn’t necessarily make it special this week. I just feel special that I am working here.”

Melancon expressed her gratitude for being a part of Bell’s Hill campus and receiving this award.

“I love what I do. So to be recognized for just coming here everyday, and enjoying what I am doing, is profound,” Melancon said.

Melancon takes her role as a teacher seriously because she knows the impact it makes on her students. Daily, she has a classroom full of students eager to learn.

“I think it’s my job to make sure that they leave my classroom every year wanting to be learners,” Melancon said.

Not only do they walk through the door ready to learn, but they come full of energy.

“Their response is pure joy. Happiness,” Melancon said. “I think they would all bounce off the walls if I let them!”

Melancon uses this joy and happiness to create an atmosphere of fun learning. She says her upbeat personality and willingness to try new things is appreciated by her students.

“If I’m confident in teaching, then they are confident in learning,” Melancon said.

Although the school year has looked different due to COVID, fostering relationships with her class has been a priority.

“I’ve made sure that everything is purposeful and meaningful,” Melancon said. “Just that time with them is so important.”

While winning Teacher of the Year was special, she says there is no way she can do it without the help from her entire campus.

“They make sure that we’re supported and have every resource we need,” Melancon said.

With Teacher Appreciation Week coming to a close, her class had a special message for all the teachers: “Happy Teacher Week!”

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