Locals react to impeachment inquiry hearings


WACO, Texas – Day One of the impeachment inquiry hearings for President Trump were on Wednesday, and local Republicans and Democrats weighed in on the proceedings.

“My reaction is today is not a day to celebrate or to feel good, but it is a somber day in the life of our nation because we’re having to look at these serious allegations,” says Mary Duty, Chairman of McLennan County Democrats.

“As a lawyer, I look at things in the way of are we following the rules of law and we are not,” says Jon Ker, Chairman of McLennan County Republicans.

Both had different opinions on the issue.

“First of all, the Constitution says we have the right to confront witnesses against us. We have the right to due process and equal protection under the law. The Democrats have absolutely shredded that concept. When they undertook to take this inquiry, and they did it behind closed doors without giving the republicans the opportunity to question or even present witnesses. They just swallowed due process and said, ‘We’re just not going to do that,'” Ker says.

Both sides agree we are a country based on laws.

“We are a nation of laws. Not of men and women. We need to have all the witnesses out. We’re doing it in public. All those people are down the hall watching it on T.V. And then the whole nation can look and see what they think has transpired. Especially in this week of all weeks of the nation’s history. This is Veterans Week. We celebrated Veterans Day on Monday, and we’ll have flag retirement ceremonies on Sunday. It’s a whole week to thank those people who have made that promise to protect the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic,” Duty says.

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