Locals react to impeachment inquiry


CENTRAL TEXAS – Only two presidents in the history of the United States have been impeached, Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998.

Neither one was removed from office.

But, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is hoping for a different result with President Donald Trump.

Although the investigation is just beginning, Central Texans have a lot of thoughts.

“This is kind of making a mockery of America’s political process, I feel like I’m being poorly represented by my president,” said Michael MacLaughlin, Baylor student.

The announcement of the probe against Trump, brings a lot of emotions to the forefront for some Baylor students.

“If he did actually use his power as president to basically leverage the Ukrainian president then that would definitely be an impeachable offense, it would be against his duty as President,” said Ruben Oblitas, Baylor student.

Others say they need more information to form an opinion.

“I feel like there have been other cases with other presidents that are probably like just as like kind of on the same level, so I don’t know, I don’t know enough about it to really say,” said Vivian Roach, Baylor student.

On Wednesday, the White House released the transcript of the phone call with Ukraine’s president.

“If that transcript is as I understand it to be, this is all much ado about nothing,” said Jon Ker, Chairman of the McLennan County Republican Party.

Ker says the President did nothing illegal.

“Joe Biden is not a candidate, yes he’s running, but he’s not the candidate, so I think they are putting the cart before the horse even in that respect,” he said.

“Oh I think he can get impeached in a heartbeat, the trick is a conviction,” said Mary Duty, Chairman of the McLennan County Democratic Party.

Duty says no one is above the law.

“I think if you break the law you have to pay the price. You can’t plead ignorance forever ‘oh, i didn’t know’ well you got elected president, it’s time to read a book and learn. Read this one, President Trump (laughs) read this sir,” said Duty.

Once the investigation is complete the house will vote on whether to impeach.

If the answer is yes, the case moves to the senate, which decides whether to convict and actually remove a President from office.

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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