Locals react to turmoil in Puerto Rico


KILLEEN, Texas – Hundreds gathered in Killeen last week in protest of Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rossello, who has since resigned.

Now, all eyes in Janet Pomales’ living room are glued to the TV. She and her family are processing every detail from reports out of Puerto Rico as their government remains in turmoil. 

Pomales is a key organizer from last week’s protest in Killeen, but is she satisfied with the governor agreeing to step down?

“No. There’s still a lot to do. Because he’s not the only one,” Pomales says.

Since their protest, she and her family have been following every detail revealed about her native government because of her loved-ones in Puerto Rico.

“I’ve been reading. I have been watching the news until 2:00 in the morning trying to find explanations for whatever is happening right now,” Pomales says.

Pomales says she and her group are planned to hold more demonstrations to stand in solidarity with her family back home if the government doesn’t put more responsible officials in place.

“[We need] Somebody that really cares about the people of Puerto Rico. Because right now, they don’t care about the people of Puerto Rico,” Pomales says.

They plan to protest all over again in Killeen if they feel the new leaders don’t reflect the best interest of the people.

“We need to exterminate all of this corruption in the government, and we won’t stop. Our people wont stop,” Pomales says.

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