LORENA, Texas – Lorena High School student Mason Strauch sat in the auditorium alongside his classmates for a special presentation not knowing the spotlight would be for him.

Principle Kevin Johnson brought everyone to the Lorena Performing Arts Center with an announcement over the PA system.

Moments later Johnson called Strauch who had no idea what was happening to the stage, sharing he had a special presentation.

Congressman Pete Sessions surprised Strauch on stage sharing that he had been accepted in West Point Academy.

He expressed how great of a leader Strauch is, and will continue to be for the Country with his classmates watching.

Principle Johnson emphasized how important this accomplishment is because only 8% of people make the cut and it requires an additional 8 years of service.

“I’m relieved now because I have been tired of waiting. I’ve been waiting for the past seven months, this is what I have been working for and it’s all been worth it,” Strauch said.

“He has already had his dream to go to WestPoint. The challenges that he has worked through in his mind, he already knew this is what he wanted to do,” Sessions said. “Very rarely does the Academy match those same dreams, with only a few select people and Mason is one of those.”

Strauch was joined by his parents, siblings, and grandparents to support his accomplishment. The ceremony ended in a standing ovation from his classmates.