WACO, Texas – Anguish and heartbreak brought the family and friends of Dairse Holder together at the Grove Apartments Friday night.

This is the same place where gunshots ended the 22-year-old’s life less than 24 hours earlier.

People heard gunshots as they rang through the crowd Thursday night.  Police say the gunfire came at the end of an argument during a party at the apartments.

Pictures show the heavy police presence at the complex off University Place just minutes after the shootings.

“I was watching a movie with my girlfriend, and I heard something that sounded like firecrackers. And then a bunch of people shouting. I was shocked, because I never in my wildest dreams did I think something like that would happen at my own apartment complex,” one witness says. 

Someone took Holder to the hospital, but doctors there could not save him.
Holder’s grandfather held a balloon for his late grandson and released it, but he says the memories he’ll keep. 

“I love that young man. He always will be in my heart. He’s gone in the body, but his presence is still with me. Its the spirit that he had,” Holder’s grandfather says. 

Now he’s hoping to get answers as to who killed his grandson. 

“Dairse will be missed, but not forgotten. But I trust God that whoever did this that they will pay,” he says.   

*Joe Randall as shown in the story, should be Joe Randolph