WACO, Texas (FOX 44)- July 30th was Mac House‘s last day of operation on Franklin Avenue, but don’t worry macaroni fanatics, they’re not going away for good. The Waco known Mac House is transitioning to a food truck business.

With Mac House on wheels, they will transform the shop on Franklin into the first ever Pop‘s Lemonade brick- and- mortar.

“Our hope is that as we convert this space to really the first ever pops lemonade, drive thru, customizable lemonades, crafted teas, frozen lemonade, popsicles, and even some more things on the horizon,” says Head Hospitality CEO Abby Head.

For the past two years, many small businesses have seen many obstacles due to COVID-19, prices of product increasing, supply chain breakdown, and staffing shortages.

“We’re seeing a more stable market over the past 18 months. And that’s why we we feel like that inflation, yes, it’s going to affect us, but it’ll probably impact us a little bit less pursuing Pops,” says Head.

Head Hospitality CEO Abby Head hopes by making this transition, Mac House will thrive.

“We’ve seen over the past 18 to 24 months. As with the way food costs are constantly increasing, we can’t keep up with it. That switching to a food truck model is going to make the most sense not only for our customers, but also for our team,” says Head.

Head says they don’t want to steer customers away by raising the prices of their products but rather charge them for what they really want.

“And as prices increase, what we’ve found is what we’re able to provide through a drive thru is not necessarily the price point that people are looking for, for a drive thru experience,” says Head.

Even though you can’t get your mac and cheese in your favorite spot, Mac House will continue to serve the Waco community.

“Hopefully, since we will maintain a presence here, we really look forward to being able to bring the mac house food truck back to this parking lot so that people can still come to the same location they’re used to,” says Head/

Mac House food truck plans to open in the new year. To find out where you can spot them in town make sure to follow their social media pages.