Man accused of indecent exposure at local H-E-B


A registered sex offender is in jail, after allegedly exposing himself to employees at the H-E-B parking lot in Woodway.

Adam Navarro, 32, of Waco is now facing charges of indecent exposure. He’s accused of exposing himself on two separate occasions since December.

Both times, Navarro was accused of hanging out at the H-E-B on Woodway Drive late at night. He was asking employees for directions, when he exposed himself.

The Woodway Police Department showed up at his job to arrest him Thursday afternoon.

For Willie Jackson Jr., that same H-E-B is his favorite store in town. He’s shocked to hear someone would expose themselves at a place his family feels secure.

“I come here practically every day. If not everyday, I come two or three times a day. I like coming up here,” Jackson said. “I feel very safe coming around here and I feel safe about my wife. I worry about my wife and if she would come here, that something like that would happen to her.”

Navarro is accused of exposing himself twice to two different employees.

“They were all employees. Younger, female employees that were outside doing job-related duties in the parking lot during the evening hours,” Cpl. Drew McGee said. “At that time that they approached the vehicle to help them, they noticed he was exposing himself to them.”

The first time Navarro reportedly exposed himself was on Dec. 30 and again on Jan. 23.

“What helped us out the most was that the second person who encountered him acknowledged from what they heard from their coworker what happened back on Dec. 30 and she stepped away from his vehicle and used her cell phone to take a picture of the license plate,” McGee said.

After Navarro was positively identified by witnesses, Woodway detectives tracked his cell phone and found that Navarro’s phone was at the H-E-B during both incidents.

Regular shoppers like Jackson, now keeping a closer eye out for his surroundings on his next trip to the store.

“Be more aware of what has already happened and make sure that we don’t fall into the same problems,” Jackson said.

Navarro was arrested on two counts of indecent exposure, a class B misdemeanor.

Navarro has been a registered sex offender since 2005.

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