WACO, Texas – Sebastion Silea is in the McLennan County Jail on felony stalking charges.

The arrest affidavit states Baylor officers responded to a report of a man at the Baylor Science Building – making a woman afraid.

Silea previously received a criminal trespass warning, and accusations of family or dating violence. Along with the stalking accusations, the woman also told officers there is a history of violence – and she is afraid of Silea – claiming he has threatened her with a gun in the past.

The affidavit states the woman told dispatch Silea was sitting outside the building watching her intently. She says her father traveled from Colorado to escort her to classes and stay with her because of Silea.

Police say the father told Silea to leave and stay away from his daughter. This is when officers say the two men got into a fight – which ended with the father going to the hospital.

When the officer attempted to place Silea in custody, he says Silea ran. Another officer then blocked Silea, and detained him at taser point.

Silea had been previously charged with trespassing on October 28.

Sebastion Silea. (Courtesy: McLennan County Jail)

Waco Police Department Public Information Officer Cierra Shipley says if you feel like you are being stalked, you need to report it and give police any proof you have.

“Documentation is going to be key to what brings in a suspect if they are stalking,” Shipley said.

And if you afraid to report what is going on….

“That situation might continue to evolve and increase into a situation that you don’t want,” Shipley said. “It could be worse of an outcome than not reporting it.”

Shipley says the Police Department is always there.

“We’re going to help in any way we can. And so, we can’t do that unless you report it,” Shipley said. “We don’t know what’s happening unless you report it.”

Shipley advises everyone to take a self-defense class so you know how to handle a situation if you come in contact with someone.