Copperas Cove police have arrested a man who they say moved into a house that the new owners already in the process of moving into, took their belongings to decorate the house and when confronted said he had a gun and refused to leave.

Police were called to the home in the 1000 block of Kim Avenue Monday where a woman flagged them down and told them a man was in her house and was refusing to leave.

She told the officers the man claimed the house was his and that he was armed.

Police entered the home and secured the weapon, finding the man in the master bedroom of the home brushing his teeth.

The complaint filed with the court indicated the man identified himself as Antwain Jevar McClain and said he had driven around the neighborhood looking for vacant, abandoned or for sale houses.

He said he found this particular house and thought it was abandoned and that he had moved himself in and had been there about a week.

When pressed for documentation that showed he owned the house, he told officers he had purchased it.

Police said it appeared a couple had purchased the house and had their belongings in boxes along with a car locked in the garage.

Policed say it appeared that the garage door had been damaged by prying it at the top.

The victims noted that the man appeared to have unpacked all their boxes and decorated the house with their belongings.

Following the police investigation, McClain was arrested and taken to jail.

Court papers indicated that a firearm found at the scene was reported stolen out of Waco.