The Marlin ISD school board wants to sue the Texas Education Agency over its accreditation status.

This comes after the school district has had consecutive years of bad grades for academic performance.

The board approved moving forward with the lawsuit on Tuesday night, but no one wants to talk about it. The board made the decision despite being appointed by the State of Texas.

In 2018, the Texas Education Agency said it no longer recognized the Marlin Independent School District as a Texas public school system following consecutive years of bad performance in academics. 

But months later, the Texas Education Agency granted the district an abatement agreement – meaning the district could stay open for another year. 

Now, Marlin ISD plans to sue the agency claiming it is the reason the district’s education stats are bad.

Superintendent Michael Seabolt defended the district last year. 

“Had the same exact status last year, and the year before. We had 100 percent of our kids get accepted to colleges and universities last year With a zero percent dropout rate,” Seabolt says.

Back in 2018, Seabolt told FOX44 the district has been under review for years now and that this is nothing new.

“So the reason the T.E.A. is keeping us in the review is because we keep showing improvement. As long as we’re showing improvement and making progress, I think TEA will probably let the process go forward,” Seabolt continues.

Marlin ISD has over five schools with just under 1,000 students. 

FOX44 reached out to the Texas Education Agency for a response to the planned lawsuit, but have not heard back.