Marlin ISD superintendent suspended


The Marlin Independent School District has been on rocky ground for the last several years.

Mayor Carolyn Lofton shares several concerns because she’s not only Marlin’s mayor, she’s a foster parent to students in Marlin’s school district.

”The youngest is going to kindergarten. And then third grade and 8th grade,” Lofton tells FOX 44.

Lofton says her children and every other student in Marlin deserves a quality education, and lately ratings suggest this  hasn’t been the case.

“We’re consistently receiving an ‘F’ rating every year. That tells me something’s not connecting, and we’ve got to connect in order to make sure that our children are getting what they need,” Lofton says.

In a special meeting called by the Board of Trustees on Wednesday, they voted to place Superintendent Michael Seabolt on suspension while they investigate the district’s affairs as well as the superintendent’s performance of duties.

Texas Education Agency reports show the district was considered “academically unacceptable” in 2011.
In 2013 through 2017, the district earned an “improvement required” rating.

The most recent rating the district received was an ‘F’ just last year.

In February, the district lost its accreditation from the state for performing so poorly over the years.
Lofton says the district’s performance has to change, and adds that Marlin’s success begins with what’s being done in the Marlin’s schools.

“A lot of the students, as they come out, we’re looking for them to be our future leaders, our future workforce here in Marlin. So we need them to be able to get the education, get the skills that they need so they can take over the roles that we currently hold and continue to move Marlin forward,” Lofton says.

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