Marlin Police chief commits suicide while being served arrest warrant


MARLIN, Texas – City of Marlin Police Chief Nathan Sodek has committed suicide.

Marlin city leaders say this is a shock to them, and they are working to figure out what is the next step for the department.

“Approximately 12 o’ clock PM, the Texas Rangers were out here conducting an investigation. During the course of the investigation an individual ran inside of the house and committed suicide,” said Ryan Howard with the Texas Department of Public safety.

The man that took his own life was Marlin’s Police Chief Nathan Sodek.

It all happened at this home in Eddy.

The texas rangers were serving an arrest warrant and Sodek reportedly ran back inside the house and shot himself in the head.

Marlin’s Mayor says todays shocking outcome caught them completely by surprise.

“I wasn’t aware that any investigation was going on regarding our chief or anything of that nature so this has been an utterly and complete shock to me,” said the Mayor.

The arrest warrant is allegedly regarding  a sexual assault investigation.

Fox 44 crews stood in Marlin’s City Hall for hours waiting for more clarity about the investigation but Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman did not give out any further details.

“We were waiting for our Sheriff Ricky Scaman to come in and hopefully and give us that information. I’m not sure what the hold up with the information but we haven’t received anything yet,” said Lofton.

Tonight, Marlin is left to forge a path forward with unanswered questions and the responsibility to protect its citizens without their top cop.

“We will have discussions about who will be stepping up and taking over that role in the interim. Once we’ve made that decision, they will be notified but in the meantime the sheriff department is going to help us with that effort,” the Mayor said.

But in the middle of chaos the people of this city are sharing the sympathy of the family of Marlin’s Police Chief.

“I’d like to say to the family that we are grieveing with them. We are sending our condolences out to them. We are so sorry that this happened,” said Lofton.

The Marlin city manager could take over as the police chief, but this has to be discussed by city officials.

Source: McLennan County Sheriff’s Office

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