Marlin restores water, boil water still in effect


The water is now back on in Marlin, but this doesn’t mean it is safe to drink yet.

Marlin’s Public Works Director Andrew Poe says if everything goes as planned, the boil water notice should be lifted by Friday.

The water is restored, but they still have to test it – and this process takes at least 24 hours.

“We have no water,” says Marlin ISD Superintendent Mike Seabolt.

This is exactly why Seabolt canceled classes for Wednesday.

“You know, we have no ability to flush toilets. We made through it yesterday by flushing toilets with five-gallon buckets of water,” Seabolt continues. “At 3:00 p.m., I was told they haven’t even isolated the leak and I knew that meant it was probably gonna be a while, so I went and called school for the day.”

A 12-inch main waterline broke on Tuesday and the city fixed it, but during the night there was another crack in the waterline just seven blocks from the original break on Park Street.

“It was a 12-inch main line, so it’s a huge line that supplies the entire city and connects all the towers together,” Seabolt describes. “Safety is always the number one priority, you know – health safety, security, and this comes down to one of the health issues.”

The boil water notice has longtime Marlin homeowners like Jim House upset.

“Well I’m used to it. It has been happening for 15 years, since I’ve been here,” House says. “The only thing I use the water for is to take a bath or flush the toilet.”

He says the water is always brown.

“I can’t understand why they be raising the water bill. They have a drought and they haven’t fixed the water problem at the treatment plant. It’s just a waste of money, I think,” House says. “And they got a lot of Zinc and Mercury and whatever in the water. I’m not gonna drink the water. Like I said, for 15 years I have not drank the water.”

The city manager says the reason why the waterline broke is because it’s old – but they do have future plans to help make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Seabolt says Marlin ISD classes will resume on Thursday.

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