A suspect already held in connection with the attempted theft of eight new cars from a Waco car dealership has now been connected to another mass theft at a separate dealership that had earlier,

Luis Fernando Bautista,  who is only 19 years old, has now been charged with the theft of five used vehicles from University Mazda in mid-May.

Luis Bautista

Bautista had originally been arrested in late June following a chase by police and the recovery of several vehicles from Marstaller Motors.

The cars had been taken following a burglary at the dealership during which keys to the vehicles and a safe were removed.

The cars were then driven off the lot and parked along a nearby street.

The plan came unhinged as the thieves made too much noise trying to get the safe open in a church parking lot and neighbors of the church called police.

It was when police found the safe they left behind as they fled the they discovered the break in at Marstaller and found the cars parked through the neighborhood as if they were to be picked up later.

In the Marstaller case, another car taken from University Mazada  was found left behind with a number of sets of car keys in it.

The newest charges for Bautista are connected to his alleged part in the thefts of five vehicles from University Mazda/Kia.

As in the Marstaller case, there had been a break in of the offices of the dealership and keys removed.  

In that theft, which occurred May 12,  a 2015 ford Mustang, a 2015 Chevy Cruz, a 2012 Mercedes ML350,  a 2015 Dodge Ram and a 2015 Dodge Challenger RT were taken.

However, in that case as in the later one, the thieves did not get to do anything with the vehicles because three of them were left parked alongside the road in the 2400 block of Webster and were recovered by police when neighbors reported them as being ” suspicious vehicles.”

The fourth was abandoned two days later at the WIng Stop Restaurant when the occupants fled as police responded to a disturbance there.

In both cases, burglaries were used to obtain keys to steal the cars,  but in both cases the newly taken cars were lost.

Bautista has been held as a suspect in both cases and police say they have at least two other suspects they are seeking.