WACO, Texas – Maya Angelou is making history again, becoming the first African American woman to grace the U.S. Quarter.

The United States Mint says these quarters are part of the four year American’s Women’s Quarter Program celebrating women’s accomplishments throughout history.

Baylor University Journalism Chair and Professor Dr. Mia Moody Ramirez says the representation of these quarters will identify with women from different walks of life.

“If she can grace a quarter! If she can be on a quarter! Then I can achieve my goals as well,” Ramirez said.

In addition to Angelou and Dr. Ride; Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller, Suffrage leader Nina Otera-Warren, and Chinese actress Anna May-Wong will be featured.

“With each woman who is featured on a coin, she is going to speak to other women. It’s going to be awesome each time a coin comes out. It’s going to raise awareness and it’s also going to build excitement,” Ramirez said.

The U.S. Mint’s Deputy Director Ventris C. Gibson said in a statement “Each 2022 quarter is designed to reflect the breadth and depth of accomplishments.” 

Waco NAACP President Dr. Peaches Henry says it is amazing to witness this moment.

“It shows that women have been a part of building this country from the very beginning, and it gives the generations that will come behind these outstanding women examples,” Henry said. “They can look at these women and say if they did it, therefore I can do it as well.”

These quarters began shipping this week across parts of the U.S.

For more information on how to purchase, visit the United States Mint website.