McLennan County Elections Administration approved for social media


The McLennan County Elections Administration is getting the green light to create two new social media accounts.

It’s the first step that many believe could help the local elections process to be more transparent with voters.

“I think it’s something we’ve been wanting to do,” says Kathy Van Wolfe, of the McLennan County Elections Administration and Voter Registrations – as they are finally getting on Facebook and Twitter.

“We always run everything, you know, that’s going to come up through the Commissioners Court to get their approval, so that they’re not blindsided by anything,” Wolfe says.

On Tuesday, McLennan County Commissioners voted to approve the Elections Administration social media presence.

In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to access election and voting information in the palm of your hand or with a click of a button.

“There are some other county elections offices that have social media, so we wanted to get on the bandwagon, have it for McLennan County voters as well,” Wolfe says.

It’s something both local Democrats and Republicans can agree on.

“It is a matter of popularity, so many people get their information from those two social media sources,” says John Carr, Mclennan County Republicans Chair.

“I have an electronic presence. To have a social media presence does nothing but make things better – better communication, better education, broader audience,” says Mary Duty, McLennan County Democratic Chair.

Especially when it comes to voter fraud concerns, voting locations and other information.

“So we just really want to have another way to communicate with the voters about what’s going on in this office, regarding any changes in election laws or registration or just to join the rest of the world on social media,” Wolfe says.

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