MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44)- McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara’s assistance to Polish authorities responding to refugees fleeing war-torn Ukraine earned him a spot on the April 2022 Top Ten list by Rising Lonestar, a website that recognizes exceptional acts of leadership and provides information about local and state public officials.

“Such a sad situation. Women and children fleeing the war torn, war torn country of Ukraine,” says McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara.

Sheriff Parnell McNamara and his team has been recognized by Polish authorities for addressing human trafficking issues that arose with refugees fleeing Ukraine.

Detective Joseph Scaramucci with the McLennan County Human Trafficking Unit and Susan Peters, founder of Unbound went to Poland to help.

“Mainly identifying human traffickers for the border police and the polish police there,” says Sheriff McNamara.

And how is McLennan County Sheriff’s office helping out Poland?

“We’re training the Mongolian police what to look for and not to villainize or victimize the women twice. They’re already victimized, but don’t arrest the women, arrest the pimps and the lowlife scumbag traffickers,” says Sheriff McNamara.

Because of the efforts made in Poland.

“We recently been invited or requested to go to the country of Moldova, which is right close to Poland, and assist the Moldova police in doing the same things,” says Sheriff McNamara.

The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office has helped trained officers in over 30 states and several countries.

“If somebody reaches out to us for help, we never turn them down. We never say, you’re too far away, or that’s out of our county. We say, what do you need? Where are you?,” says Sheriff McNamara.

Sheriff McNamara says Joseph Scaramucci and Susan peters will be going to Washington D.C next month to teach Interpol how to identify human trafficking.