Medical Examiner reads bikers’ autopsies

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UPDATE, 3:31 p.m.: April Kendrick, Supervisor of the Firearm Mark and Tool Examiner from Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences, takes the stand.

Below is the original text from this story:

The Christopher Jacob Carrizal Trial is now in Day 14.

On Monday morning, Defense Attorney Casie Gotro told the judge she got information from the state over the weekend which was not turned over to her before the trial. She said the state received a 35-page email from Waco Police Department Sgt. Patrick Swanton on Friday, and that received it on Sunday afternoon. 

Gotro said the information would have changed how she cross-examined multiple witnesses.

Reyna says the District Attorney’s Office had not seen the information either – but when he got it, he ordered staff to also turn it in to Gotro.

Reyna agreed with the judge’s order for law enforcement to turn in everything.

ER Dr. Richard Whitworth went back on the stand to talk about injuries bikers sustained. Whitworth is from Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest.

Dr. Whitworth talked about Christopher Julian Carrizal’s injuries, saying he had a gunshot wound. Christopher Carrizal is Jake’s dad.

David Martinez, the president of the Dallas Bandidos Chapter at the time, suffered a gunshot wound to his left ring finger.

Dr. Whitworth was excused. The media was told to not record the next three or four witnesses.

The next witnesses were undercover ATF agents. One agent took the stand to talk about trace reports on firearms collected.

The attorneys and judge met in the chambers and spoke about what the witness can testify on.

Gotro objected to the witness testifying on a gun he did not trace. 

The attorneys and the judge went back intop the courtroom, with the jury getting a morning recess.

After the recess, the state continued to examine an ATF agent. 

Medical Examiner Dr. Reed Quinton later took the stand. The media was not allowed to record his testimony.

Dr. Quinton is a medical examiner from Dallas who says he personally performed an autopsy for one of the nine bodies. 

As the state put the face of a dead biker on the screen, Jake’s mom looked down until the picture was taken down.

The media was then able to record Dr. Quinton’s testimony. The media only got the witness, and not what was presented on the screen.

Dr. Quinton is talking about Matthew Smith’s body – the body he performed an autopsy on. 

Quinton says Smith had marijuana in his system. He died from a gunshot wound to the trunk, a.k.a. body torso. Quinton said Smith was shot in the upper back and abdomen. 

Dr. Quinton read the other autopsy reports for the state. 

As Quinton talked about Richard Jordan’s autopsy and the state put a picture of his body on the screen, a female spectator started crying. Jake’s mom didn’t look up at the screen as the state presented pictures of bikers’ bodies.

After a lunch recess, the jury walked back into the courtroom.

Dr. Quinton continued describing the nine bodies, reading autopsy reports on how the person died. 

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