Two men have been arrested on charges they entered the same house in Hewitt and removed items twice.

David Lee Cumbo and Cody James Workman were booked into the McLennan County Jail Monday on two counts of burglary of a habitation each.

Hewitt Police Department spokesman Tuck Saunders said the investigation actually began back on May 20 when officers got a call from a resident in the 300 block of Applewood who reported it looked like someone had gone into a neighbor’s home and was removing something.

When officers arrived, they found two men outside with a television about to load it into a vehicle.

They told officers they thought the house was abandoned,  but officers were able to contact an owner who said that it was not.

The pair then told the officer they would ” put it back”,  but officers said at that point it was too late.

As the investigation progressed, officers found out from the owner that the house had been entered about a week before and that jewelry had been removed.

Investigators obtained a warrant for the two separate incidents,  arrested Cumbo and Workman and booked them into the McLennan County Jail where their bond was set at $30,000 each.