WACO, Texas – Isolation has been taking a toll on our mental health, so experts say it is important to focus on self care.

“There are a lot of people that are isolated in their home just by themselves, and even though we’re doing a lot of things through Zoom, it’s just not the same. It’s not the same. We’re seeing each other on Zoom. We don’t have that physical connection,” says Van Davis, Assistant Director of Wellness at Baylor University.

Davis says the most common focus is on keeping everyone safe from COVID-19. She is also reminding people the importance of “me time”.

“This is a difficult time for all of us, and taking care of ourself is so important, self-care. Because without us doing that and doing that well, is making it difficult for us to take care of the people we have around us that we want to take of,” says Davis.

Mental health expert Holly Oxhandler has advice on how to improve mental health for those who are working from home.

“I think encouraging strong boundaries and kind of laying those boundaries for each member in the household and identifying what is it that you need to take good care of you, filling out that self-care plan on your own, and really getting a sense on what is it that you need to do for each of those areas in your life,” says Holly Oxhandler, Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development at Baylor University.

Holly also recommends some ways to stay connected with loved ones while staying safe.

“So trying to find ways to weave in connection with loved ones through Zoom or through FaceTime or on phone calls, I think is important,” says Oxhandler.

January is Mental Health Awareness Month, so be sure to call a loved one and check in on them.