Michael Dean’s family discusses police reform with POTUS


WASHINGTON D.C. – The family of Michael Dean, the 28-year-old killed by a former Temple Police officer, is back from the nation’s capital after meeting with President Trump about police reform.

Michael Dean’s name has been ringing from packed streets of protestors to the cover of Time Magazine – and now from the mouth of the president.

The family of Michael Dean met with President Trump Tuesday afternoon just before he announced his newest executive order aimed at police reform.

“For us to actually meet the president, and he sat down and actually listened to us and our story, it was uplifting. It was great,” said Moses Dean, the father of Michael Dean.

The family says the last six months without Michael haven’t been easy, but the growing nationwide support is encouraging as they seek justice for their son.

They are optimistic the president really listened and took action to change problems with policing across the country.

“He actually made me realize that he was listening to us. He would hear what we had to say and he went out, maybe five minutes later to the Rose Garden, and gave a speech to the world and he mentioned our son’s name,” Dean said.

The Deans say they hope as more people hear Michael’s name, their message gets out.

“We want it to be known that what happened to him wasn’t supposed to happen to him the way it did to no other people, either. Hopefully nobody else has to experience this type of situation,” he said.

One of the special moments the Dean family shared with us about their visit to Washington was the opportunity to meet other families of black Americans killed by law enforcement officers.

“For a long time, it felt like we were out here by ourselves – and to know that other people are going through the same situation, hopefully there might be some good from this one day,” Dean said.

Though they don’t know how much impact the executive order will have, the Deans are optimistic that their son’s death will bring about both change and justice.

“Even though they’re not here, they still have voices. Their names are being put out here for recognition. They wont be forgotten,” he said.

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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