Mike Collier refutes Dan Patrick’s method for teacher raises


Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Mike Collier is speaking to FOX44 after seeing our story on sitting Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. 

Patrick visited the Waco Regional Airport on Tuesday to talk about several topics, including public education. 

Patrick says in the next legislative session he wants to give teachers a $10,000 raise, but Collier says it’s not that simple. 

FOX44 spoke to Collier over a video call to give his take on why Patrick’s method won’t work. 

“You know how much that’s going to cost? $3.5 billion. Where is that money going to come from? Until he tells us where that money is going to come from, I don’t believe him. I, in contrast, know where we are going to get the money. And it’s to close the big corporate loophole and we’ll close that, but Dan Patrick won’t close that loophole. So I don’t believe him, I’m sorry,” Collier says.

Collier says one issue voters should be aware of is pre-existing conditions. The candidate says Patrick and Texas republicans are working hard to cancel protections – leaving many people without healthcare. 

Collier attended a rally in Austin on Wednesday, supporting those people keeping their healthcare. 

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