Mission Waco partners with Ascension Providence to provide vaccines


WACO, Texas – As a way to curb the spread of the virus, Ascension Providence and Mission Waco have teamed up to provide COVID-19 vaccines to clients and frontline workers.

Mission Waco and Ascension Providence share a goal to reach an under-served population.

Deborah Tillman is a Mission Waco client who says getting the vaccine was a blessing, and that everyone should get it.

“I didn’t have any insurance or anything,” Tillman said. “I really didn’t know. But when it was offered to me, I decided to go ahead and take it. I would rather be safe than sorry.”

Carlton Willis is the Associate Executive Director of Mission Waco, who says what keeps a lot of people from the vaccine is a lack of knowledge – and this is where they want to bridge the gap.

“I think once folks got in there, and the word spread that, ‘Hey, you know, this was fine for us!’ We had more and more people to come forward and be willing to get vaccinated,” Willis said.

Willis said for clients at Mission Waco to be eligible, they look at the criteria for group 1A and 1B, and those that qualify under those guidelines are served.

In addition, they also have volunteers who help provide transportation to the clinic.

“We space them out on the van,” Willis said. “So we had actually four vehicles that would transport them to Providence and back to the shelter, or wherever their destination was.”

Since the two groups have joined together, they have given 210 vaccinations.

Dr. Richard Haskett is the Chief Medical Officer of Ascension Medical Group, who is happy to be partnering with an organization dear to his heart.

“All communities, to my knowledge, are working to achieve. Which is how to get vaccines into the people as they are-where they are,” Haskett said.

Haskett says through a multitude of partnerships, Ascension Providence has been able to distribute over 32,000 vaccines.

“We’ll continue to support all of the community, to try to get vaccines to people in as quick a fashion as possible,” Haskett said.

As they move forward, Dr. Haskett encourages the community to get the vaccine when it is their turn.

“Let’s get our lives back, but let’s don’t loose unnecessary life on the way to restoring out normalcy,” Haskett said. “We don’t have to do that. We know how to prevent this disease. Get your vaccine when it is your time.” 

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