WACO, Texas- According to the Waco police department, there were close to two thousand gun shots related to crime in the city in 2021. 12 of the 17 homicides in Waco last year involved a gun, a number the city had not reached since 1994. With the recent rise in gun violence and deaths in Waco and McLennan county, these mothers say a unified call for peace is necessary.

“Since his death did so many more and I don’t know them but I cry because its sad,” says Catondra Johnson, one of the mothers who lost her child to gun violence.

The Waco police department says there have been eight murders in the community so far.

“Too many lives taken him from violence, gun violence, especially our youth. Enough is enough. There is a major issue of gun violence swarming our youth,” says Flecha Smyre.

Behind each statistic is a person with a family. A family that will mourn for years to come

“It don’t just stop it, Brian. He’s no longer a victim. His family is victims,” says Johnson.

For these women, burying their children has been one of the hardest things they had to do.

“Having your child shot down. The pain he experienced and his last breath of thoughts that haunts my family and me,” says Paula Peoples Crain.

Several of these mothers didn’t get to say their final goodbyes.

“I did not get to make it to the scene to say goodbye to my baby on the way to the hospital. I was not even allowed to go and stop at hospital and say my father’s goodbyes to my son,” says Marquita Watkins.

There will be a community block party in memory of Calveon Nichols on March 19 from 1-5pm at Hood Street Park, everyone is invited to attended.