Motorists urged to use caution as rain continues


As rains continue, travelers are being urged to use caution in approaching any water in the roadway.

Officials note it only takes a small amount of rushing water to push a car or pickup off the road, and water in some areas can rise rapidly.

Low water crossings in Lampasas were all reported closed on Tuesday morning.

I-35 access roads in the Belton area were reported hazardous, and in some cases flooded. Several roads near the Nolan Creek area have been shut down.

Street flooding was reported in Clifton in areas along the Bosque River.

Several county roads in Coryell County were reported flooded with motorists urged to consider all low water crossings dangerous.

The Sheriff’s Office reported FM-116, about five miles east of Gatesville, having water over the roadway on Tuesday morning – and while it was reported passable, caution is being urged.

Many roads in the Mother Neff State Park area were also reported with water over them.

In Coryell County, it was reported “all of the usual low water crossings are either closed or dangerous and that there were some areas not usually prone to flooding that have water over the road.”

The Corps of Engineers have reported water being released at both Aquilla and Lake Whitney, meaning water will be traveling down the Brazos River and those downstream should be aware that levels could be rising.

The City of Killeen was reporting water over some road surfaces but not enough to result in any closures. Motorists were urged to use caution in “the usual areas.”

In Robertson County, the Sheriff’s Office was reporting high water over the road on Old San Antonio Road (OSR) a half mile east of Highway 6.

As far as river levels are concerned, the North Bosque at Clifton is expected to crest at 29.2 feet, with a flood stage there being 23 feet. The road along the river has been barricaded.

The Leon River at Gatesville is predicted to crest at 30.7 feet with flood stage being 22 feet.

The Middle Bosque River at McGregor was at 14.4 feet on Tuesday morning with flood stage being 20 feet and no estimated crest height posted by authorities.

The Brazos River at Waco was up from its previous level because of releases at Lake Whitney and Aquilla, but the Corps of Engineers was watching down stream flow and controlling the release in a way to balance the need to relieve the lakes but without causing problems downstream if possible.

The Brazos at Waco was be predicted to crest at 20.6 feet after being measured at 18.6 feet on Tuesday morning. The flood stage for the Brazos at Waco is 27 feet.

There is also a list of several low water crossings closed in the Fort Hood area. Turkey Run Road was closed at the Turkey Run Low Water Crossing hard stand because of high water. Barricades were put up and patrols put in place on the east and west sides to prevent traffic from attempting to cross.

Tank Destroyer Boulevard was closed at the Turkey Run Low Water Crossing hard stand near the Comanche Shopette due to high water.

A portion of Mohawk Road near the Motorcycle Instruction Course is flooded and barricades were place at the east and west end.

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