It’s Move-In Day at Baylor University!


WACO, Texas – It’s Move-In day, and more than 3,000 volunteers helped Baylor’s newest students move into their dorm rooms.

Not all of the volunteers were students at Baylor University, but the ones who are say they just wanted to do the same thing someone did for them their freshman year.

Caleb Harris is in his fourth year at Baylor University, and this is fourth year helping other students move in.

“When I moved in my freshman year, I moved into one of the dorms on Wednesday. And then on Thursday, I volunteered and helped people move in. I volunteered my freshman year, and all other three years. So this is my fourth year doing move in,” Harris says.

Harris loves helping others move in.

“It’s such a great feeling to see these parents heave a sigh of relief when 15 kids swarm their car and just take everything out of it. It just takes that burden off of them,” Harris says.

Harris wasn’t the only one who was having fun.

“We just have a lot of energy, and are really excited for all the freshman coming in. We know how that felt so we’re here to make a really good day for everybody,” says Lauren, a Baylor student.

Today was the first of two move in days.

“Move-In Day is a massive coordinated effort over two days that involves 3,200 volunteers that help our students and families move into the residents halls,” says Baylor spokesperson Lori Fogleman.

The new students can use all the help they can get moving in this year, because there is a lot of them.

“About 1,500 are moving in today. We’ll have a little bit over 1,500 moving in tomorrow. So a freshman class of about 3,300 students will be coming into Baylor this year,” Fogleman says.

“I would love to come back and help out again. It’s such a fun event and it’s so cool to be able to make an impact right away on these freshman’s lives,” Harris says.

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