MART, Texas – A shooting in Mart early Sunday morning left two dead and one behind bars.

21-year-old Zamar Kirven is the suspect charged with double murder in the shooting which took place around 2:00 a.m. – killing his former high school football teammates. 20-year old Jacob Ybarra and 22-year-old Sabin Kubitza died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Jessie Eaton, who was dating Jacob Ybarra, is devastated and can not believe he is gone – especially because all three men were friends.

“When she told me, I didn’t really believe her until, like, I saw everybody posting it,” Eaton said.

Eaton and her mother, Shandy Eubank, live two doors down from where the shooting happened – and say Jacob was supposed to come over that night.

“The second gunshot is the one that woke me up,” Eubank said. “First I was a little confused, because I was not sure if it was actually a gunshot that I heard. Until I heard the second gunshot.”

Eubanks says she walked outside, but saw nothing – so she went back in the house and laid down until a few moments later, when she heard the victim’s sister.

“She started screaming, ‘Jacob’s gone! Jacob’s dead!,” Eubanks said. “Immediately I started trying to call Jessie, but she wasn’t answering.”

The three men all played football together at Mart High School.

While investigators haven’t released what happened – Eaton says they were not in a disagreement.

“They were all real close,” Eaton said. “They let him stay with them. They all lived together, and they were always hanging out.”

Eubanks says she has never heard of anything like this in Mart because it is a small and safe town, but this hits home – and her heart goes out to the families involved.

“Jacob was a really good kid,” Eubanks said. “Everyday he was over here he was laughing, and so happy and full of life.”

Close friends and family came together for a balloon release on Sunday night, and they are planning to have a vigil this Tuesday.

Kirven is currently in the McLennan County Jail.


Kirven was a former linebacker for the University of Houston.

The motive of the shooting has not been released, and the investigation is ongoing.