CENTRAL TEXAS – Over 2,000 schools across Texas are participating in National School Choice Week right now, of that number 69 schools across Central Texas are taking part.

It is a time to spotlight the educational options here.

The organization says this is the 12th year they have kept this initiative going, and it helps not only the schools but families.

Cove Charter Academy Kindergarten teacher Kiara Mathias has been teaching at the school for the past five years.

Mathias says when parents have the option to pick the best school for their children it creates life changing results.

“Some of the students that I’ve seen come through, and their growth that they were not getting at others schools or campuses has been amazing,” Mathias said.

During January, School Choice Week partners with schools and home-school groups to host fairs, open houses, and other events to spotlight the diversity of education options.

With many changes to educational learning in the past few years due to COVID, Public Awareness Vice President Shelby Doyle says parents are more involved in their child’s education than ever before.

“We’ve always raised awareness of school choice, it’s been something that some parents took advantage of,” Doyle said. “Now parents feel like this is more normal, there is really no group of families who should not know what their education options are.”

Mathias says this is her third year participating in National School Choice Week and every year it impacts the entire school.

“Life in general involves a lot of math, reading and things like that so without an education students will fall through the cracks,” Mathias said.

Waco Rapoport Academy Elementary told FOX 44 they will also continue to highlight school choice week like they have done the past two years.